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  • Photo session conditions
    By choosing a photo session with me, you agree with my vision, style of shooting and photo processing. Your consent to the photo session means your permission that the photos can be used in my portfolio, published in print and online publications, participate in exhibitions and competitions. When publishing my photographs in print and online publications, you will be required to include my name to comply with copyright law. If you do not want the photos to be published, the cost of shooting increases by 30%. Please let me know about your desire in advance, before the photo session.
  • How to book a photo session?
    You can book a photo session by making an advance payment of 30% by bank transfer or in person in Paris. The advance payment will be fully refunded to you in case of force majeure or very bad weather. Please try to arrive on time for the shoot. To calculate travel time, you can use, for example, Google maps or Mappy. If you are 10 minutes late and warn about it, then I can wait for you. But after that, every minute of being late costs 1 euro. The advance payment is non-refundable if you are more than 20 minutes late. after that I leave. If we still decide to have a photo session, then it is paid in full.
  • What is the best time for photography?
    The best time for both a photographer and models to have a portrait or walking photo session in Paris, in my opinion, is at sunrise Yes, of course, for this, models need to wake up very early, put themselves in order: it is very important for girls to do makeup, style their hair, ... But trust me, it's worth it. At dawn, the most beautiful light and yet there are not many tourists in the city. But also during the day and in the evening and even at night we can make amazing pictures! But in any case, the choice is yours.
  • What is the best place to take photos in Paris?
    Paris is a real open-air museum, so you can find a lot of beautiful locations here. For example, I can suggest: - Trocadero and Champ de Mars with a view of the Eiffel Tower - Alexander III bridge - Louvre - Tuileries or Luxembourg Gardens - quay of the Seine - Montmartre - terraces of Parisian cafes. In preparation, I will advise you on several options that are most suitable for your photo shoot. Also, I would love to hear your ideas.
  • What clothes are best for photography? Will it be possible to change clothes?
    This is a very important question. I can guess that it's not every day that people take pictures with a professional photographer in Paris. I, like you, am interested in beautiful photos, so I would recommend that you think in advance and choose the right clothes for photography. Based on experience, I can say that shorts, jeans, baggy clothes are not welcome. And by contrast, plain dresses, skirts and trousers, suits look very advantageous in photographs. It all depends on the idea of ​​your photo shoot. I can always advise you by email on this and other issues. Yes, during the photo shoot you can and even need to change clothes. We will try to find a place for this, for example, in a cafe.
  • How do we move around during a photo session?
    You will be surprised, but Paris is a rather small city, so I prefer to travel on foot. During the movement, I also take pictures of you. There are 2 options - travel by metro or bus, if the locations are located in different places. Option 3 - taxi or uber. In cases 2 and 3, the trip is paid by the client. And finally, I have a car. My assistant knows Paris like the back of his hand. This is also possible, but at an additional cost. In any case, the choice is always yours.
  • What to do if the weather is bad: it's snowing, it's raining heavily?
    Before a photo shoot, I always check the weather carefully and in case of a bad forecast I try to inform about it in advance in order to reschedule the shooting to another date if possible, or choose the best time if you are in Paris for only one day. "Bad" weather can be a great opportunity to get some rare great shots, because Paris is beautiful, especially when it rains or snows. Moreover, the rain here is usually short, so we can always use this time to take photos in one of the many passages, under the covered bridge or wait in one of the many cafes. Separately, I can write about strikes, because. in Paris they are quite frequent and can be tough. I classify them as force majeure. In this case, the photo shoot can be rescheduled for another day, because. I don't want to endanger my favorite models.
  • How many photos do you submit?
    Approximately 50 photos with basic processing (cropping, color correction) for each hour of shooting.
  • Do you process photos?
    Yes, I do basic photo processing (cropping, contrast, color correction). I try to show natural beauty and not make physical changes to the face or body. But if you have a very strong desire to change something in the photo, then for an additional fee I can do it, if it remains within reason.
  • Do you transmit RAW?
    No, I usually don't. RAW files are proof of authorship in France. If you really want to receive them, then the transfer conditions are negotiated before shooting..
  • "I need photos without processing. Immediately after the photo session, send me all the photos on a flash drive."
    I do not give away all sources (photos without processing). Or I do it in a very extreme case, which we agree on before shooting.
  • What are the deadlines for submitting photos?
    You really want to get photos as quickly as possible, and if possible, even a little faster. And I can understand you. But like all good quality products, preparing photographs takes time. Careful selection of photos, processing in Photoshop and even uploading to the server so that you download the photos - it all takes time. In addition, we must not forget that you, although my favorite models (I simply do not have others), are not alone. And during the high season, like July-August or December, I photograph almost every day. So there are deadlines and I hope that you will treat this with understanding. The deadlines are real and I will do my best to deliver the photos at the specified time. I reserve the right to extend the deadlines if I have good reasons, which I will inform you in a timely manner. So, about the timing: I usually give a couple of photos right after the photo shoot to satisfy your curiosity. Further times vary depending on the workload. The minimum processing time is 2 weeks.
  • How will I receive photos after the photo session?
    There are two options: 1. If you live in Paris or have come for quite a long time, then I will transfer the photos to you on a medium (disk, flash drive, ...) or download them to your computer. 2. If you leave literally the next day, then after preliminary processing I will upload your photos to the server and you will be able to download these photos in high resolution using a unique link that I will send you by email. The link will be valid for a certain time so that you can download it. If, for example, you lost or something happened to your photos, then don’t worry, I have copies stored and it’s enough to write to me so that I can send the photos again.
  • What can I do with photos?
    I shoot with a full frame camera, so you get high resolution photos. You can print photos (including large format) on paper, canvas, metal and other surfaces. You can also make photo books, various souvenirs (mugs, pillowcases, etc.) yourself or order from me!
  • What camera do you shoot with? What equipment do you have?
    I shoot only with professional CANON equipment. I have multiple cameras Canon 5D Mark II, a large number of lenses L-series: 24-70mm f/2.8L II, 24-105mm f/2.8L II, 70-200mm f/2.8L, 50mm f/1.4L, ... These are full-size cameras, so later you can print not only photo books, but also large-sized photos. I also shoot on film (color and black and white)!
  • Is it possible to make an appointment with you for a photo shoot tomorrow?
    Theoretically, this is possible, but in practice it turns out that most likely the time for tomorrow is already taken. But don't be upset about it, I will try to offer you another date. A little advice: plan your unforgettable photo shoot in Paris in advance so that it really becomes Unforgettable, joyful and exciting. And so that you always remember her with extraordinary warmth and ... a little note of sadness that she has already passed. And I will try my best to help you with this. I will only be glad if this date is free and I will have the opportunity to take magical photos for you. There is a small condition: the photo session will cost 20% more "for urgency", because I will be forced to prepare a photo session for you in a very short time.
  • Do you take night photos?
    Yes, I do night photo shoots. This is a rather complex process. The photographer, the model, and the assistant need to work, so I have a special relationship with night photography. Accordingly, there are certain conditions: - we discuss the concept of each night photo session in advance (make-up, clothes, time and place of shooting, ...) Since night photos require a special approach, the price for them is 30% higher than for a daytime photo session. Trust me it's worth it!
  • What languages ​​do you speak?
    I speak Russian, as well as French (I even have a diploma in translation) and English, so it can be very convenient for you at big events: weddings with guests from different countries, international exhibitions and conferences, ...
  • Are you an official photographer in Paris?
    Yes, I am the official photographer in Paris.
  • Could you tell us more about your services and rates?
    I can and with pleasure! All basic information (виды съемки, стоимость: свадебная, семейная и репортажная съемка, reviews) is on my site photographer in Paris Natalia ILINA If for some reason you did not find answers to your questions, then write to me by email: or fill out the contact form Здесь
  • In what cases the photographer is not responsible for the result?
    Creating beautiful photographs is a creative collaboration between the photographer and the model (client). The photographer is not responsible for the result in the following cases: - the photographer does not have the right / access to take pictures, - during the event you do not have time for photos, - you don't want to be photographed, - weak or colored lighting, - force majeure (heavy rain, strike, ...).
  • Do you only photograph in Paris?
    Since I live in Paris and am an official photographer, that is, I have several state diplomas of a photographer (which confirms my qualifications) and pay taxes, I mainly photograph in Paris. But in our era of globalization, I can easily buy a plane ticket and be anywhere on our planet. What I successfully do: I shoot regularly in Italy (Venice, Rome, Sicily, ...), Spain (Canary Islands, Barcelona), Holland (Amsterdam and tulip fields), Germany and Sweden. If we talk about closer geographical settlements in France itself, then most often it is Disneyland, Versailles, Chantilly and Fontainebleau, Loire castles, Mont-Saint-Michel, the Atlantic coast (Normandy) - Deauville, Honfleur. The geography of my photo shoots is constantly expanding and there are a lot of plans, ahead of a trip to England, the USA, Japan and, hopefully, one day to Australia and New Zealand!
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